Comfort Strap Versus Noose

The Two Types of Penis Extenders

Most penis extenders available on the market are structurally similar. What distinguishes penis extenders into two main classes is the way they are fastened to the tip of the penis. The two main types of penis extenders are comfort strap extenders and noose penis extenders. The noose is sometimes refered to as the silicon tube. The comfort strap is hands down better than the noose. The comfort strap is the most advanced way to fasten a penis extender, offering many big advantages over the noose.


Noose Comparison

In today’s modern age the noose in considered to be out-dated. Not only does the noose put a damper on your overall results, it is also very uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous as well

The majority of noose users complain about poor circulation because their penis is being choked by the noose. Poor circulation decreases the results of a penis extender and can be a serious threat to your penis’ health. Some men have triedd to over-stretch their penis with the noose, which results in serious injury. Assuming you have your penis extender adjusted correctly you should be able to avoid injury to your penis, yet you will still have futher problems.

The lack of circulation makes the noose less comfortable to wear, resulting in shorter sessions with the penis extender on. Some penis extender brands allow you to wear the penis extender for 12 consecutive hours; with the noose you are lucky to get in 2-4 hours before you feel the need to take a break. These interrupted sessions reduce the effectiveness of the penis extender dramatically. It has been proven that a small and steady traction force is the optimal way to make use of your penis extender. Nooses are not as effective as comfort straps.

Comfort Strap Comparison

In our opinion, Comfort strap based penis extenders are the most effective penis extenders available today. They provide you with the most comfort and the ability to wear the penis extenders for longest amount of  time. Longer penis extender sessions yield bigger results. A comfort strap is more comfortable than the noose due to the greater surface area between the penis and the device.

The comfort strap does not just add comfort, it increases the blood flow to the penis as well. Increasing blood flow to the penis is the ultimate goal to allow the corpora cavernosa to expand. Male enhancement pills can be combined with penis extenders as part of a complete package which allows for optimal results.

As a side note I would like to mention the velcro method for fastening your penis extender. Although this method may be as effective as the comfort strap, it is the least popular version of the penis extender. Velcro is not discreet and can make for a very awkward moment in a public washroom.

Brand Noose (silicone tube) Comfort Strap Comfort Strap Plus
X4 Labs Yes Yes Yes
EuroExtender No Yes Yes
SizeGenetics No Yes No
ProExtender Yes No No
JesExtender No Yes No
Vimax Extender Yes No No


In retrospect the comfort strap is more comfortable and effective than the noose style penis extender. Therefore we would recommend the comfort strap over the noose with 100% confidence. Comfort strap penis extenders are simply the the most advanced penis extenders available.

When considering comfort and efficiency, the X4 Labs penis extender definetly takes first place. X4 Labs is the only penis extender to offer both a comfort strap and a noose making it the perfect choice for those who are new to penis enhancement. X4 Labs is also a great extender for those with more experience as it can be used  to achieve optimal results.