Introduction to penis extenders

Comparing The Latest Greatest Penis Extenders!

A penis extender is a spring loaded device which applies a constant stretching force to the shaft of the penis. The penis extender fits around the base of the penis and continues down to the end of the shaft. Typically penis extenders use a noose which wraps around the end of the penis; this is where the force is applied. High end penis extenders use specialty comfort straps which increase comfort, eliminate slippage and ensure proper blood circulation. The penis extender is designed ergonomically for comfort and practicality. The penis extender is intended to be worn for extended periods of time, hence the need for optimal comfort.Penis Extender

The penis extender has been proven to be the most effective non-surgical method for penis enhancement. A penis extender provides positive results and is recommended, thus making it the preferred penis enhancement method for most testers.

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How does a penis extender work?

We have found that the secret behind the penis extender is the constant traction force. As the penis extender applies this constant force to the penis, the skin cells and internal penile tissue break down. As the stretched and broken down tissue in the penis gets replace by new un-stretched cells, there becomes extra room for more cells. In our tests, this made the penis longer and wider and firmer.

This method known as traction has been used for thousands of years worldwide to extend the size of various body parts such as the neck and has just recently been refined to be a safe method for penis enhancement. This explains why hanging weights from your penis is useless. Temporarily stretching your penis does nothing since the penis is not in a stretched state as it regenerates. The traction force is the method we approve of for achieveing positive penis enlargement results without surgery.

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Is a penis extender painful or dangerous?

No, in our tests, a well made penis extender is not painful or dangerous. The force that the penis extender applies to the penis is very small and harmless. In fact, certain penis extenders are so safe that they can be recommended by doctors to patients recovering from penile surgery in order to keep the penis in place.

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Two Types of Penis Extenders

There are two main types of penis extenders available. Those with a comfort strap plus+ system and those with a noose system. There has been much debate or which one performs better. Our comparison article should clear things up once and for all.


Why read penis extender reviews?

Our penis extender reviews focus on many different aspects such as comfort and effectiveness as well as advanced aspects like innovation of the design. Penis extenders are constantly innovating their design so there is much to consider when reading a penis extender review. It is recommended that your read the article on how to compare penis enhancements before you go on to read any penis extender review. Using the X4 Labs review as a comparison is a good way to gauge the quality of other penis extenders because X4 Labs offers the most features.