JesExtender Review

Ineffective Product Not Worth Buying

JesExtender Logo Positive Results: Yes

Comfort Strap: Yes

24/7 Sales Support: No

Guarantee: Unsure

Price: $249.00 – 499.00

Available Packages:

  • Gold Package
  • Silver Package
  • Original Package
  • Light Package

Spare Parts: Yes

Upgradeable: Yes

JesExtender gold packageThe JesExtender is a good penis extender and meets all the major penis enhancement needs. Starting at a retail price of $249 the JesExtender is a good deal for a starter package. Up until just recently theJesExtender still used the old noose method for fastening the penis extender. Since they have developed a comfort strap, their results and comfort have gone up significantly.

Through our experiences with the JesExtender we initially saw an average increase of 18% in length and 10% in girth with a six month trial period prior to the comfort strap. After the switch to the comfort strap the average increase of length went up to 25% and the average increase in girth went up to 17%. The JesExtender has become a much better penis enhancement solution. Their soft attach accessory is an exclusive feature not available with other penis extenders. This accessory was enjoyed by some members of our community, yet others felt it was unnecessary or just didn’t sit right. We would say the soft attach is not worth the $30 but is a nice added bonus when purchasing a gold or silver package.

The JesExtender is a safe penis extender device to purchase and use. The JesExtender is backed up a satisfaction guarantee. Their packages also offer varying parts warrantees, from one year to a lifetime depending on which penis extender package you buy. The JesExtender is a quality penis extender made to be reliable and upgradable. The JesExtender offers a reasonably complete line of accessories and spare parts yet it cannot compete with the penis extender industry leaders.

A major downfall that our penis enhancement community saw in the JesExtender is in the comfort strap. It’s a great feature to have but what good is it if it doesn’t even last. It is completely normal for the comfort strap to wear out and break over time which is a problem because JesExtender only includes one strap with their package. The X4 Labs penis extender is a great alternative to JesExtender because you get multiple comfort straps that are of higher quality.

JesExtender is one of the original innovating penis extender devices in the penis enhancement industry. Trying to keep up with the industry and doing a decent job, the JesExtender provides a modern design but it is not considered to be an innovator any more. Do not expect to see cutting-edge updates that would compliment you penis extender when ordering through JesExtender.