ProExtender Review

Decent Product Nothing Special

ProExtender Positive Results: Yes

Comfort Strap: No

24/7 Sales Support: Yes

Guarantee: 6 Months

Price: $299.95 – 429.95

Discount Code: No

Available Packages:

  • Deluxe System
  • Original System
  • Deluxe Device
  • Original Device

Spare Parts: No

Upgradeable: Yes

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ProExtender penis extender systemThrough our studies, the ProExtender penis extender device has been found to be a safe penis enhancement method which can improve both length and girth. Developed in Denmark by a group of scientists, our tests have shown that it can be effective. The results of the ProExtender are undeniably real, but the effectiveness can be disputed.

The two main shortcomings of the ProExtender are the noose and weak tension springs. The fact that the ProExtender still uses the out-dated noose method automatically ranks it  lower than the top 3 brands. The noose provides inferior comfort thus hindering overall penis enhancement results. Through our experiences we have not been able to achieve the full %30 results as advertised because the ProExtender is simply unbearable to wear for a long period of time. The weak tension springs further complicate the problem because it creates the need to wear the device for as long as 12 hours. Many customers were disappointed with their results because they had a hard time keeping up with the painful ProExtender program.

Furthermore the ProExtender penis extender does not offer wide girth or micro-penis support. They also do not sell upgrade kits or spare parts. Buying from ProExtender will leave many customers unsatisfied and looking for more. The ProExtender starts at $299.95 and does not offer much value compared to other penis enhancement methods. Some customers have turned to penis extender other brands for upgrades which cost them even more money in the long run. ProExtender is regarded as a moderately effective yet seriously under-developed penis enhancement method. The ProExtender is a better penis enhancement solution than dangerous and painful surgery, but we feel that your money would be better spent on a higher quality penis extender which you can easily find at a cheaper price.