Top 5 Male Enhancement Pill Ingredients


Bioperine is a black pepper extract used by many people around the world to increase metabolism and absorption of nutrients. Because Bioperine increases how well the body can absorb nutrients, it is an excellent ingredient for male enhancement pills. As of now, Bioperine is only  found in Sinrex male enhancement pills. Bioperine acts as an intensifying agent by making the most use of the enhancement ingredients.

Bioperine is the key to having both a powerful and healthy male enhancement pill. Brands who use Bioperine can avoid over-stuffing their pills with nutrients by absorbing the nutrients more efficiently. By using smaller amounts of ingredients more efficiently, male enhancement pills are becoming safer and cheaper. Overall Bioperine is an excellent way to safely speed up results and improve pill efficiency. Get the most out of your male enhancement pill by purchasing a brand that contains Bioperine.

As of now, from all the pills we have reviewed and tested, Bioperine is only found in Sinrex male enhancement pills.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba often misspelled Gingko Biloba is an endangered plant found in China. It dates back several thousand years as an effective Chinese medicine. Ginkgo Biloba is a very important ingredient for male enhancement. Ginkgo Biloba has 3 major effects on the body:

  • It combats blood clots which is a big step in fighting erectile dysfunction.
  • It is also a great antioxidant, helping your body purge unwanted elements.
  • Most importantly Ginkgo Biloba increases blood flow to all parts of the body.

This wide range of desirable effects, makes Ginkgo Biloba an excellent ingredient for male enhancement pills. Ginkgo Biloba aids in maintaining good health by eliminating carcinogens; Ginkgo also helps with erection size at the same time.

Horny Goat Weed

Epimedium Sagittatum or more commonly known as Horny Goat Weed is an Asian herb that has been used to increase libido for quite some time now. It was discovered by a goat herder who noticed that his goats would become more energetic and playful after consuming the herb.

Horny goat weed releases testosterone boosters which help you feel more alive during sex. Horny goat weed plays the very important role of increasing sexual stamina. It is very important for a male enhancement pill to include this ingredient, otherwise the effects don’t last nearly as long.Horny Goat Weed is a popular ingredient found in all of the top male enhancement pills. If you are having troubles lasting long in bed, then you should definetly look into purchasing a brand of male enhancement that includes Horny Goat Weed.


L-Arginine is a very powerful and essential ingredient for male enhancement pills. Any male enhancement pill that doesn’t include L-Arginine is pretty much not worth buying. L-Arginine relaxes blood vessels within the muscles resulting in increased blood circulation and a bigger erection.

L-Arginine is an effective antioxidant as well, which is very important because certain toxins can really harm your erection. Alcohol is a perfect example of a toxin which makes it difficult to achieve an erection. With the antioxidant properties of L-Arginine it is much easier to achieve a firm erection after some drinks. This ingredient is found in top male enhancement pills such as Sinrex, ExtenZe and Male Extra. It is highly recommended that you take extra care with male enhancement pills by choosing one that includes L-Arginine, it is a very powerful enhancement ingredient.

L-Arginine is a powerful male enhancement ingredient that increases erection size & removes harmful toxins.

Omega 3

Omega 3 is an incredibly popular ingredient because of its long list of benefits. By including Omega 3 in a male enhancement pill formula, companies are able to provide a complete male enhancement system in a single pill. Omega 3 ties all of the other effects together by ensuring that your body is always running at 100%.

Omega 3 protects men from stroke, colon cancer and prostate cancer among other things. It also improves cardiovascular health which complements the effects of L-Arginine and Ginkgo Biloba. Omega 3 is a very important ingredient in male enhancement pills because it protects the male health of the individual.

We found that with Omega 3 you will notice more consitent results and you will benefit from other health benefits as well. Omega 3 should be a part of every person’s diet, regardless of whether or not they are taking male enhancement. Luckily brands like Sinrex and Male Extra include Omega 3 in their formula, so you don’t have to spend more money on expensive health supplements.

Top 5 Ingredients by Brand
Bioperine Ginkgo Biloba Horny Goat Weed L-Arginine Omega 3
Sinrex  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
ExtenZe  No  No Yes Yes  No
Male Extra  No  No  Yes  Yes  Yes
Vimax  No Yes  Yes  No  No
Enzyte No  Yes  Yes Yes  No