Vimax Review

Ineffective Product Not Worth Buying

Vimax Logo Instant Results: Yes

All Natural & Safe: Yes

Ingredients Online: Yes

Discreet Shipping: Yes

Discreet Billing: Yes

Guarantee: 60 Days

One Month Supply: $59.95

One Year Supply: $379.95

Discount Code: DISC1516

One Year Supply Includes:

  • 12 Bottles of Vimax
  • 1 Free Bottle of Vimax
  • 1 Bottle of LiquidRx
  • Access to a variety of adult enhancement websites

Vimax penis enhancement pillThe Vimax penis enhancement pill ranks quite poorly amongst other penis enhancement pills which we have reviewed. Vimax is a moderately effective penis enhancement pill, and the only thing that is exceptionally good about it is the price. Vimax costs $59.95 per month and $379.95 per year. At only $1.06 per day with a year supply. We however do not believe that penis enhancement is an area where being skimpy with your money is inappropriate. It is much smarter to spend the extra 5 cents per day and get much better results. After all it is the value of the product not the cost that determines whether it is worth buying or not.

Based on our experiences with Vimax, it is a safe and side-effect free penis enhancement pill. What troubles us is that the Vimax website does not post the quantities of ingredients that go into the pills on their website and they are not doctor approved. Although we have not had any health problems with Vimax penis enhancement pills, other people in the general public may unknowingly run into complications. We would advise proceeding with caution when purchasing Vimax.

Through our trials with Vimax, the penis enhancement community has come to a verdict. Vimax penis enhancement pills do not yield the results you are paying for. If you experiment with Vimax as well as other penis enhancement pills you will likely quickly learn the same thing we did, that the results that Vimax penis enhancement pills offer just aren’t that great. The libido is increased and your erection will get a little stiffer, but you surely wont be able to add an inch or more to your penis. This pill simply does not work as good as other brands.

With Vimax’s 60 day money back guarantee and some quick shipping we could tell you to try for yourself, but that’s just not what are about. We want the general public to make educated and correct decisions about penis enhancement the first time. Purchasing Vimax penis enhancement pills is not a wise decision from an economic or a health stand point. Why take pills that don’t do what you want them to do? We would recommend Vimax penis enhancement pills as a cheap solution to combating erectile dysfunction, yet for a few more pennies per day, we have found that you could be adding length and girth to your penis.