Vimax Review

Ineffective Product Not Worth Buying

Vimax Logo Positive Results: Yes

Comfort Strap: No

24/7 Sales Support: Yes

Guarantee: 6 Months

Price: $99.95

Discount Code: No

Available Packages:

  • Vimax Extender

Spare Parts: No

Upgradeable: No

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Vimax penis extenderThe Vimax penis extender is a simple and functional penis enhancement method. It is currently priced at $99 plus shipping, likely because it is going out of business. The Vimax penis extender is a low grade penis extender made from poor quality materials. Failing to meet penis enhancement industry quality and safety standards, the Vimax penis extender is a relatively unsafe and uncomfortable method for penis enhancement.

Although we have seen some success with the Vimax penis extender we do not recommend it. Results ranging from 12-22% in 6 months are not very impressive and surely not consistent with Vimax advertisements. These poor results can be explained by the outdated noose method and weak tension springs. Furthermore the Vimax penis extender is poorly manufactured so comfort also plays a role in the end results.

Vimax’s main focus is male enhancement pills which is why their support and product line for penis extenders is so bad. If you look at the Vimax penis extender website you will notice more “order now” buttons than anything else. Vimax does not provide their customers with spare parts or any kind of competent support which we were not very impressed with. The Vimax penis extender is definitely one of the worst penis enhancement methods we have reviewed. We would not recommend this device to anyone because sacrificing your comfort and end results to save a small amount of money is not worth it. Other high end devices can be found at similar prices during promotional offers, often complete with free shipping and good support. If you are looking for a good value deal on a reliable penis extender you should look at our other penis extender reviews.