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Positive Results: Yes

52 Way Comfort Strap: Yes

After Sales Support: Yes

Guarantee: 6 MonthsYes

1-2 Day Free Delivery Yes

Monthly Financing Plan Yes


Price: $129.95 – $389.95

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Spare Parts: Yes

Upgradeable: Yes

X4 Labs Review Continued

x4 labs penis extender of the yearWhen our penis enhancement community first sat down and planned out how we were going to tackle the X4 Labs review, we knew we wanted to go into great detail. The X4 Labs review covers a lot of ground because the device has so many unique features.

The X4 Labs penis extender is our most highly recommended method of penis enhancement. Not only does the X4 Labs penis extender provide all the basic services that a penis extender should such as: 6 month guarantee, lifetime warranty and discreet shipping and billing, it also does much more for the customer. It is the most comfortable and adaptive penis extender on the market. This means the most effective results for any size or shape of penis. This is why we wrote a good X4 Labs review and recommend the device to any and every patient.

Despite our X4 Labs review, many patients immediately opt for the cheapest extender but the X4 Labs extender is an innovator, offering many exclusive, cutting-edge features while still maintaining a competitive price. It is no wonder that so many men change their minds after reading the X4 Labs review. The X4 Labs penis extender developed the comfort strap plus which in conjunction with X4 Labs space-age foam provides superior comfort above all its competitors.

Space Age Comfort Technology IncludedThe comfort strap plus is exclusively available from X4 Labs and EuroExtender (engineered by X4 Labs). The only other brands that offer a comfort strap are SizeGenetics and JesExtender, but their comfort straps are smaller, less durable and less comfortable. The comfort strap plus increases the amount of time the X4 Labs penis extender can be comfortably and safely worn. We have found that as a result, the user gets better results over any other penis extender brand while avoiding much of the hassle.

X4 Labs has the most user friendly extender in the industry, complete with wide girth base, mini-support, quad-support, and a hypoallergenic 24k gold coating.

x4 labs quad support

The most exciting part about the X4 Labs review is the hybrid support piece. This technology allows the patient to choose between the conventional noose method and the modern comfort strap plus. It also allows the patient to use two comfort straps, two nooses or a combination of the two using the exclusive quad support system available as an option on all of the X4 Labs packages. The quad support system completely eliminates slippage on any shaped penis making it the most effective penis extender for any patient. Furthermore the X4 Labs penis extender offers an extra wide girth base as well as mini-support for micro penis. In fact no other penis extender gives support for a 1 inch penis. This makes the X4 Labs penis extender the most versatile penis extender in the industry and the most technologically advanced device we have ever reviewed.

Another innovative feature unique to the X4 Labs penis extender are the strongest tensions springs on the market. These springs are available exclusively as part of the X4 Labs Gold Premium package. The 2100g tension springs make for bigger and faster results leaving the competition in the dust. The X4 Labs penis extender also allows customization with springs ranging from 1500g to 2100g – no other penis extender brand offers this level of customization. Please note that it is advisable that you start at 600g of tension and work your way up as you get comfortable with the device. This will ensure your safety and also allow for optimal results.

Complete with optional upgrade kits, spare parts, and custom engravings, the X4 Labs line of products provides the ultimate penis enhancement experience in customization and support. It’s hard to see how you can go wrong with 24/7 sales support, online chat with their penis extender specialists and an online forum home to over 38,000 knowledgeable users. But don’t let this X4 Labs review do the talking, try the device risk free for 6 months and see for yourself.

Upon completing the X4 Labs review it was quite clear to us that X4 Labs offers everything from the most affordable extender on the market, to complete packages with major value for your dollar. The X4 Labs penis extender is simply our favorite penis extender on the market to date. This is why we would recommend the X4 Labs penis extender to every man seeking effective penis enhancement.

It is worthy to note that to this day we have not received any X4 Labs complaints.